Press Statement

8th April 2020

24publishing today announces it has met with staff on the proposed closure of 24housing portfolio. Following this outcome, the 137th issue distributed on 3rd April 2020 will be the final magazine from the popular publisher which has supported the UK housing sector since 2008.

Michelle Pacey, group media director at 24publishing, says: “This has been an extremely difficult decision to make. Since I launched the magazine in 2008, the 24 portfolio and its team have proven to be a huge success in the housing sector. With fantastic support from across the UK, we have thoroughly enjoyed helping so many who have come to rely on us. Leading on so many initiatives, in a relatively short period of time, has been something that has made running this publication such an incredible experience.”

“Unfortunately, the proposal to close 24housing comes at a time of renewed focus from the core business which supports the media department. We hope that during our 12 years of publishing the magazine, we have helped challenge when appropriate, but also created opportunities for people to move the sector forward in a positive light, which was always what the magazine was about.”


Editors Notes:

24housing magazine launched in 2008.

For more information, please contact: enquiries@24publishing.co.uk