10 great hallway storage ideas

The hallway is often the unsung hero of our homes, serving as the place where we grab a coat before leaving the house and the space where we welcome guests.

As it’s the first impression visitors get when they enter the front door, it’s worth investing some time and effort into making it a stylish and practical entrance to be proud of.

The right approach depends on the size and shape of your hallway, but there are a host of great ideas out there. Small and narrow hallways can quickly get cluttered with the constant influx of shoes and coats, so reducing what’s on display will make them feel bigger, while larger hallways offer scope for more elaborate storage solutions.

To offer some inspiration, we’ve rounded up 10 fantastic hallway furniture ideas to help you keep this space tidy and functional. Whether you’re dealing with a small nook or a spacious entrance, these practical solutions will bring order and style to your home.

1. Shoe storage

Let’s face it; shoes tend to multiply when we’re not looking. To keep them organised and easily accessible, install shoe shelves in your hallway. You can choose from wall-mounted, freestanding, or built-in shoe rack or shoe cabinet options, depending on your space. This simple hallway shoe storage solution allows you to arrange your footwear neatly and grab the right pair on your way out. Cabinets with concealed fronts allow you to keep shoes out of sight.

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2. Bench with storage

A bench with storage underneath is a perfect multifunctional piece of hallway furniture. You can sit down while you put on or take off your shoes and store them underneath the bench, keeping them out of sight. Look for designs with built-in cubbies or pull-out drawers to maximise the space. Build in a bench with storage below and with pegs above.

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3. Coat hooks or pegs

Coats are the quintessential hallway item, especially during the colder months. Install a row of hallway coat hooks or pegs on one of the walls for easy access and a clutter-free look. You can find hooks in various materials and styles, allowing you to match them to your hallway’s decor. Wall-mounted pegs are a good option for hanging coats and bags in narrow hallways without the need for bulky furniture.

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4. Wall-mounted coat rack

If you prefer something more substantial than hooks, consider a wall-mounted coat rack. These racks often feature shelves for hats, scarves, and other accessories. Choose one with an attractive design to turn it into a decorative element in your hallway. If you have space, consider an all-in-one unit combining a coat rack with shoe storage and a bench.

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5. Baskets and bins

Basket storage and bins are your best friends when it comes to hallway organisation and concealing smaller items like gloves, scarves and umbrellas. Place them on shelves or inside cabinets to keep everything within reach but out of sight. Opt for decorative options to add a touch of style to your hallway.

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6. Hallway closet or wardrobe

If you have the luxury of space, consider turning part of your hallway into a closet or installing a slim hallway wardrobe. Remember that skinny furniture works best if it offers vertical rather than horizontal storage.  

This solution not only hides away clutter but also offers ample space for all your storage needs, from coats and shoes to sports equipment and seasonal items. If you have a wide hallway a sideboard offers storage for shoes and a range of other items.

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7. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a sleek and versatile storage option for hallways. They can be mounted at various heights to accommodate different items, and their clean lines complement a modern style of decor. As they provide a surface, they can be used to display decorative items while storing shoes or organising smaller accessories in drawers.

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8. Built-in cabinets

Built-in cabinets are the ultimate hallway furniture solution for those with ample room to spare. Depending on your budget, a made-to-measure storage solution will make the best use of every inch of space, bespoke to fit your specific needs, with sections for shoes, coats, sports gear, and more. To make the most of this investment, consider adding a bench or a pull-out tray for shoes.

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9. Boot room-style storage

If your hallway opens directly to the outdoors, replicating a boot room set-up can be a game-changer if you have the space. Install a combination of hooks, cubbies, and benches, and you’ll have the perfect space to drop your wet or muddy gear before entering the rest of your home, keeping the mess at bay and your hallway clean.

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10. Understairs cupboards

These are often neglected but can offer useful space for storing taller items such as coats and ingenious schemes can involve installing doors, pull-out shelves, and drawers.

And finally…

Your hallway plays an important role in the smooth-running of your home; as such it deserves some love and attention. With these 10 great hallway ideas, you can transform this often-overlooked area into a functional and organised part of your home.

Choose the solutions that best suit your space and style, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a clutter-free and welcoming entrance every day. A tidy and stylish hallway not only makes your life more convenient but will leave a lasting impression of a well-ordered household on your guests!

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