5 ways tradesmen are using technology for improved renovations in 2023

Incorporating technology within industries isn’t just about making work cheaper or looking better as a brand. As research and consulting company  McKinsey reports, companies that use technology to transform their services won’t just be more profitable, they will be more resilient, responsive, and efficient. So, it’s no surprise that the renovation industry is following suit, with an explosion of technological advances changing the way we construct and improve buildings. If you’re thinking about undertaking a renovation in 2023, here’s just some of the tech you may see being put to good use.

A 3D model of an apartment.

1. Digital 3D modelling

Digital modelling is becoming standard practice in renovations. Though there’ll always be a place for beautifully hand-drawn plans, there’s no denying the perks of digital models. They provide an accurate representation of your space without room for human error, with perfect measurements down to the millimetre.

Using sensors and lasers, contractors can measure a room in seconds while a digital copy of the space is uploaded to a computer. From this, they can then begin to design the new build, creating a realistic, 3D version of both your ideas and theirs.

Not only is this efficient and accurate, it also makes it easier for the client to see what their space will look like. If you add a large kitchen island, for example, the spot-on measurements will give you a clear idea of whether it’ll take over the space or work with the flow of the room. You and the tradesmen can also spot potential problems before the build begins, helping everyone save time and money whilst ensuring a smooth renovation.

Cloud-based networking is at our fingertips.

2. Digitisation of processes

Digitisation of processes is something we’re seeing everywhere these days; there are few businesses in the Western world left untouched by this tech trend! It involves swapping traditional methods of carrying out business processes with digital upgrades to improve services for the client.

In the renovation industry, there are a number of areas that are prone to digitisation. You’ll find most tradesmen now use cloud-based software to share files, for example, making documents instantly accessible to everyone who needs to see them and allowing for quick, easy collaboration. From more generic platforms like Google Docs to construction-specific solutions like BlackSmithSoft and Buildertrend, everything is heading toward the cloud. 

Other common digitisations designed to make the client-tradesmen collaboration smoother include digital card payments, using technology like SumUp’s portable card machine for swift and safe payments, and online booking systems, making scheduling meetings with your contractors as easy as pressing a button.  

Drone deliveries are becoming more common.

3. Drone delivery services

By now, most people will have heard of drones. But did you know that they’re being used to speed up renovations and improve quality? In particular, drone delivery services are changing the game for tradesmen.

Prior to drones, tradesmen may have had to have more staff on-site and allocate time to transporting materials (particularly on large sites). Now, though, drones can move heavy loads from one place to another without being manned. This could reduce the cost of your renovation as well as allow your tradespeople to focus less on moving materials and more on quality finishes.

It also makes for fewer delays due to a lack of materials. For example, if more bricks need to be ordered unexpectedly, drones could get them from the storage site to the renovation site in hours. In contrast, hand-delivered bricks could take days to arrive due to a lack of drivers, slowing down the entire project.

A computer tablet interface with building design reality virtual technology.

4. Artificial Intelligence technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most futuristic technologies currently making its way into society and has become a key construction trend. The tech we’re seeing is still in the early stages of development, and the future of AI in the trades industry is set to be much larger. For now, though, the AI we do have is changing how tradesmen create quality renovations.

One way that AI is already being used is generative design. This process involves inputting key goals or ideas into AI software, which are then used to generate multiple relevant design ideas. 

For example, a tradesperson may input ‘space saving’, kitchen storage’, and ‘luxury’ into the software. The AI will then deliver products or ideas that match these descriptions, such as slim-line wine fridges or retractable sink taps. It can also be used to create entire models for spaces, using specifics like constraints, loads, budgets, and design styles to generate ideas.

AI data analysis is another increasingly common tech in renovations and construction. By running scenarios and reams of information through AI programmes, tradesmen can get accurate predictions that can improve the safety, timing, and quality of the final build.

5. Remote site management

Remote working has become a phrase that we’re all too familiar with in our post-Covid world. In the construction industry, it’s become a normal part of work life, with technological advancements allowing for off-site management.

Communication tools like Slack and Zoom make it easy for site managers to view the build and tackle problems in real time. If, for example, a tradesperson finds that a product doesn’t fit into its designated space, they can video call the manager, who will be able to see the problem and communicate a solution in minutes. 

Creating a hybrid remote and on-site management system has an array of benefits, including improving efficiency, maintaining quality throughout the renovation, and ensuring deadlines are met.

Final words

Technology is transforming everything about our lives and the way we work, and the renovation industry is no exception! As these advancements show, tech is becoming a staple for tradesmen and improving the quality of the designs they deliver. If you’re looking for a renovation in 2023, find a tech-forward company for a build you’ll love.

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