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About Craft Architects

This London architecture practice prides itself on its collaborative approach to ensuring a full understanding of client’s needs before working on a design. By carefully considering the brief and the client’s lifestyle, this practice can demonstrate the advantages of their design and the best ways to make the most of the budget.

Craft Architects offer expertise in design, master plans and construction. They can clarify the planning and building process for clients, from the initial steps to obtaining building regulations approval, monitoring construction cost, and overseeing completion. The firm has a diverse portfolio of past projects and its two directors bring wide-ranging experience to the practice: Christopher Axon has worked in China and for 20 years in the UK, designing environmentally sustainable architecture for commercial and residential projects, while Roman Halat has worked in both the USA and China, and has 22 years of architectural experience in the UK. He has also completed a Project Management in Construction course at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

House extension: a stylish garden room designed by Craft Architects.

Working closely with clients

Director Roman Halat commented:

We mostly work with individual homeowners, modernising, extending and transforming their houses according to their needs. Close collaboration with the clients is the essence of successful projects. My design philosophy is not to design for the clients but with the clients: take their ideas and organise them into a logical, cohesive, consequent, functional and beautiful architecture. Working closely together, brainstorming, sketching, and exploring options is the only way to achieve a design that the client feels part of, is proud of, enjoys and can call a ‘home’.

Looking back at our last 10 years’ portfolio, our best-rated projects in terms of clients’ satisfaction, increasing the property value, social media response, and generating further commissions, were the projects closely carried out with the owners – where the design was based on full trust, understanding, sharing ideas and vision between us and our clients. These are also the projects which were most enjoyable for us to work on, and that we are most fond of.

We understand that maintaining the client’s peace of mind is the key to their satisfaction. The design and construction process can be stressful for inexperienced investors. There are many regulations, permits to obtain and organisations to consult. Most of our clients embark on a construction project for the first time in their life, and are unaware of what is involved. We take pride in leading our clients through the process, explaining their duties and rights, and preparing them for the costs, risks and times required well in advance. Our customer care was recognised by Houzz, awarding us the 2023 Best of Houzz Service Winner.

Let’s look at one of this architecture firms innovative projects

We love this great example of this London architect’s collaboration with the client, which involved redeveloping a two-storey terraced property in Stoke Newington, London. The house had a butterfly-type roof and an existing two-storey rear extension. It was in a very dilapidated condition when it was purchased by a young family who wanted to add space, modernise it while respecting the historical features, and bring in lots of natural light.

After several design sessions, brainstorming ideas, and sketching options to satisfy most of the client’s design criteria, the choices were narrowed down to a favourite design, which after final fine-tuning was submitted for planning permission.

The result of this very collaborative design process is a mansard extension on top of the existing building, comprising a master bedroom, en-suite bathroom, and the key feature – a massive picture window. On the ground floor, a beautiful ‘L’ shaped side and rear extension was added to enlarge the living space which comprises a kitchen and dining room.

The additions, clad with dark zinc, are contemporary and appear light, contrasting with the sturdiness of the Victorian masonry structure. The building has undergone an amazing, complete refurbishment, with new finishes, lighting, underfloor heating and home automation features added.

What we like about this London architects practice:

The attention paid from the outset to what the client actually wants and needs from a project ensures clarity of purpose from the start; once this is decided on, tweaks can be made along the way. This award winning architectural practice can solve problems and create architecture that pays great attention to detail.

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