Elevated exteriors: how to update your home for instant curb appeal

When it comes to making a great first impression, your home’s exterior is the equivalent of a well-tailored outfit. Just as the right ensemble can exude confidence and sophistication, an elevated, thoughtfully designed exterior can instantly boost your property’s appeal and perceived value. Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future or you simply want to create a more modern aesthetic, strategic updates to your exterior can work wonders.

In this guide, we’ll explore a range of high-impact exterior updates that can instantly elevate your home’s look and feel. From automated garage doors that add convenience and a sleek, contemporary vibe to unique hardware that lends urban flair and stylish garden layouts, we’ll cover a range of design elements that can transform your property’s curb appeal.

Install a new garage door

One of the most impactful ways to instantly upgrade your home’s exterior is to install a new garage door – specifically, choosing an automated door provides convenience and enhanced security to your daily life, as well as a sleek, contemporary vibe to your property’s aesthetic.

When it comes to styles and materials, the options are virtually endless. Sleek, minimalist designs crafted from aluminium create a truly elevated look, while GRP doors in wood-like finishes offer a warm, natural appeal while still being low maintenance. For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, custom garage doors are an investment worth considering – add in windows, for example, or update the hardware for a bespoke look that matches the rest of the home.

Refresh the front door colour

Your front door is the entrance to your home and it’s a perfect opportunity to give visitors a hint of what they might find inside. A colourful or ornate front door reflects the personality of the owner, so why not go beyond the standard white uPVC or wooden door and have some fun with colour or stained glass? From deep burgundy reds, rich navy blues or a bright and bold egg yolk yellow, there are so many classic colours to choose from that will brighten up your home’s exterior. Coupled with updated hardware, it gives your property a whole new look and that all-important great first impression.

Add in designer lighting

When it comes to exterior updates that pack a punch, lighting should be high on your list. Not only does well-planned outdoor lighting enhance safety and security, but it can also transform your home’s exterior into a warm, inviting oasis once the sun goes down. The options for chic, modern outdoor lighting are virtually endless these days. 

Statement-making wall sconces flanking the front door, or a series of delicate path lights artfully illuminating a walkway can create a heightened sense of luxury and ambiance. For those seeking to make a bolder statement, oversized pendant lights or even a designer lamppost can lend a decidedly high-end, almost resort-like feel to an outdoor living area.

Maintain guttering and roofing

If you’re thinking of selling up soon and want to make a good impression on your prospective buyers, an area that’s often neglected but can make a big impact on the look of a home is the roof. Make sure there aren’t any maintenance issues that a buyer will have to contend with if they take the property on, such as missing tiles or holes, as these can pose damp problems or issues with leaks when it rains which can result in costlier, more complex complications.

Similarly, you want to keep gutters clear, replacing any broken guttering that can bring the look of a home down very quickly. It’s a quick DIY job that’s cheap to install but makes a huge difference to how your home is perceived.

Freshen up walls, gates and fences

Boundary fences and gates are often neglected compared to interior walls, with homeowners often going years without repainting or staining them to keep their appearance fresh. Not only does this result in wear and tear, but it can also leave them more susceptible to weather damage such as rotting wood or rusty metal.

Pay attention to the materials you’re working with – a bare brick or stone wall, for example, can often be restored with a simple power washing while fences may need replacing if the wood has deteriorated. If it’s still in good condition, a light sanding and restaining will freshen them up instantly and make your home look more cared for.

Tidy up lawned areas

Last but certainly not least, if you have any lawned areas on your property, make sure these are kept well-maintained and trimmed back. An overgrown lawn or beds filled with dried flower husks is off-putting and makes it look like the home is neglected, which can reflect poorly on the interiors too.

A stylish garden doesn’t have to mean high maintenance – there are many options to choose from if you’re not blessed with a green thumb, such as large paving stones that are modern and sleek, or a few artfully placed potted plants by the front door paired with a neat but simple lawned garden. Whatever you choose, be realistic about the time you have to devote to upkeep – simple but tidy is better than overcomplicated.

The beauty of these exterior updates is that they not only look incredible, adding architectural interest and visual interest, but many of them also provide functional benefits, prolonging the lifespan of the property. While the initial investment for some of these exterior touches may be higher than basic DIY solutions, the potential return is well worth it – many can even enhance the value of your home, helping you make more of a profit when you come to sell it on. A home with a truly stunning, well-designed exterior is sure to turn heads and capture attention from passers-by, whether your goal is to impress future buyers or simply enjoy coming home to a more luxurious sanctuary.

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