How to create a more stylish but sustainable home

Sustainability is a big concern these days. After all, the extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing over the past few years have brought home the severity of the climate catastrophe we face.

As a result, climate-saving practices such as reusing and recycling, sourcing environmentally friendly products, and generating green energy are firmly in the zeitgeist. In addition, many homeowners are keen to find ways to find more eco ways to design, decorate and style their homes.

If you are one of them, and if you have found yourself wondering how you can decorate your home in a way that both looks good and is healthier for the planet, then read on for some helpful tips.

Spruce up old furnishings

If some of your furniture is starting to look a little past its best, rather than throwing it away and spending your hard-earned cash on new items, consider upcycling instead. Even if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience, there are plenty of simple but effective techniques you can use to modify old furnishings. Even something as easy as giving a chair or table a fresh coat of paint or varnish can breathe fresh life into the furniture and make it worth keeping.

Of course, if you’re feeling more ambitious, or you’re a DIY enthusiast, then you can try something a little more complicated. If you’re a whizz with a hammer, saw, and a tape measure, you could try building your own furniture out of garden pallets. Or perhaps you would like to brighten up a drab old shelf, chair, or wardrobe with the help of some brightly coloured découpage. There are so many ways to give your ageing furniture a new lease of life – while saving you money and helping the planet at the same time.

Buy better quality to keep your textiles out of the landfill

Sometimes, sustainability isn’t just about finding clever ways to reuse items or harness green energy. You can also benefit the Earth by putting thought and care into your purchases.

For example, choosing high-quality textiles, such as towels and bedding, can help to lower the number of materials being thrown into landfill. This is because higher-quality products will be more durable and less prone to wear and tear.

They will also look and feel nicer too. As a result, it’s worth spending a little more initially, in order to save money – and the planet – in the long run. If you’re wondering where you can find affordable but high-quality towels in the UK, you can peruse the extensive range of luxury towels provided by The Towel Shop.

Hemp canvas and thread.

Use sustainable materials around the home

Another thing you can do to make your house look and feel more stylish and comfortable while benefitting the planet at the same time, is to choose sustainable materials.

This can include sustainably sourced wooden furniture or ornaments, items crafted out of recycled metal or glassware, organic wool, and hemp and bamboo products.

All of these materials are more beneficial to the environment than plastic, and while they may cost a little more, they should also last you a long time.

Purchase some plant babies

If you want to introduce some vibrant pops of colour into your home, there’s no need to spend money on plastic ornaments. Instead, why not start building up a collection of plant babies to breathe new life and colour into your abode? Not only will they instantly perk up any space, but they will also contribute to the health of your home’s air quality, and they can bring other benefits for your own mental and physical well-being.

Because houseplants come in so many sizes, shapes, and colours, it’s easy to incorporate them into your home design in an array of clever and eye-catching ways. You can create leafy green displays by arranging all of your plants together on a special stand, or you can dot them around the house in an array of colourful pots. You can even hang them from the ceiling in decorative hanging planters, or make your own out of macrame or your own recycled items.

Switch to planet-friendly accents and accessories

You would be surprised how easy it is to find gorgeous eco-friendly ornaments and accessories to style up your home.

There are a growing number of sustainable homeware companies popping up all across the UK. These green enterprises specialise in everything from renewable cork products to ethically sourced handicrafts, sustainable wood furniture, and selling items entirely from plastic packaging.

Of course, if you don’t have the budget for any big changes, you can still help the planet with a few small tweaks here and there. For example, why not try something as simple as swapping fresh flower bouquets for dried flower ones? They are just as beautiful, and they will last for weeks or months at a time without the need for any water or food.

Install a log-burning stove alternative

With many of us keen to find ways to lower our energy bills, log burners have become increasingly popular across the UK. However, data seems to suggest that these housewarming options are not environmentally friendly, emitting high levels of particle pollution. As a result, if you were thinking of having one installed, then you may want to consider some alternatives that will still help to lower your heating bills but won’t produce so much pollution.

Bioethanol fires are one possible solution. While they may not throw out as much heat as a roaring fire, they do offer an average burn time of several hours and they don’t produce any fumes, choking smoke, or ash. You don’t even need any source of ventilation, and they are straightforward to fit and use.

On the other hand, if you have a gas supply, then you may find that a gas fire is the best choice for your home. Not only do they provide that enchanting flame effect, but they are convenient to control, and they come in a range of attractive styles to suit your décor. While you must make sure they are fitted by a qualified engineer, once they are in place you will be able to curl up by your warm and cosy fire without having to worry about harmful smoke or pollution.

To sum up

As you can see, finding ways to add style and convenience to your home while still being eco-friendly isn’t a challenge. All you need to do is make some simple swaps and changes, and both your home and the planet will benefit.

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