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CCASA Architects

CCASA Architects have a passion for contemporary design and enjoy reviving older features to suit present day tastes. Founded by Christian Clemares, this London architects’ practice specialises in residential and commercial projects and can take on full refurbishments, extensions, and new build homes.

Modern design: This side extension to a 2-bedroom garden flat in Hackney incorporates floor to ceiling windows, clean lines, modern furniture, bold hues and natural textures.

The practice offers comprehensive services from feasibility studies to contemporary interior design, catering to homeowners seeking a seamless experience. Christian is also adept at taking on projects that have changed hands professionally for whatever reason, reviving the scheme, and getting it back on course.

CCASA Architects tailor each project to meet client’s needs and lifestyles and can deal with planning applications, construction drawings, handling the tender process, and site management. This Hackney-based practice attained five stars on the home improvement and interior design site Houzz.

London terrace refurbished in contemporary style

Here is a great example of this firm’s design style. The brief was to feature exposed birch plywood throughout a terraced London house to create a modern space with clean lines using new materials.

New materials incorporated into modern design

Project Corten originated from the client’s admiration for a previous CCASA Architect’s project: they wanted to recreate the warmth and beauty of plywood in their own two-story terraced house. The main challenge involved seamlessly incorporating birch plywood throughout the property. To complement this, Steel Corten and yellow London stock brickwork were chosen for their texture and warm hues. Strategically applying Steel Corten on the ground floor and a new side extension accentuated the floating effect of London stock brickwork on the first floor.

Interior design

Internally, the modern design continued to showcase London stock brick in the kitchen, blending with the plywood kitchen and a generous roof light. The ground floor was altered to become open plan, creating connectivity and unobstructed views throughout the property. Preserving traditional elements in the main rooms, including ceiling roses, cornices, architraves, and skirtings, Project Corten featured a client-designed fireplace in the living room, blending patterned tiles and a wood shelf to harmonize the traditional and modern design.

Natural light and views

A contemporary design approach was applied to secondary rooms, including bathrooms and the new loft, catering to the client’s need for additional space as a fashion designer. Prioritising natural light and views, evident in the loft’s expansive roof lights and dormer with large windows, showcased the property’s innovative design style. The beautiful en-suite bathroom on the second floor featured a new internal window offering views of London while ensuring privacy.

The colour scheme played a pivotal role, with woodwork complimented by floor and ceiling colours. Strategic use of bold hues on specific walls, such as a blue accent wall in the TV room and a pink-painted main bedroom up to Dado rail height, added distinctive features. Overcoming the challenge of making traditional and contemporary elements fuse happily together, this project achieved a harmonious transformation that fulfilled the client’s distinct style aspirations.

What we like about this practice

CCASA Architects brings design flair and imagination to fulfill the client’s vision, effortlessly combining the traditional with contemporary and modern design in an exciting way. We love their use of natural materials, modern furniture, clean lines, and beautiful things that create a distinct style for the present day. Modern home design is constantly evolving, and innovative architects like this are moving modern design into its next new phase.

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