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Natureworks Design

Architecture that has a positive social and environmental impact is the focus of this London architecture practice. Natureworks Design works on innovative projects ranging from small domestic schemes to listed buildings, schools, offices, and large scale residential projects, always exploring the relationship between architecture and nature.

This architectural practice also conducts research into sustainable architecture and closely follows developments in the construction industry; for example, it considers the materials derived from trees such as cork and rubber, and natural building insulation such as straw, sheep’s wool, stone, and hemp.

Urban design: a beautifully light kitchen in a North London apartment designed by Natureworks Design.

Architectural services

The practice can provide full architectural services, from obtaining planning permission and building regulations approval, to master plans, advice on construction cost, interior design, house extensions and loft conversion work.

Diverse portfolio of past projects

Director Marc Tuitt has over 15 years experience of in producing high-quality architecture at award-winning firms, including the Stirling Prize-winning Everyman Theatre with Haworth Tompkins Architects. He is a RIBA chartered member and an external tutor and examiner at the Welsh School of Architecture.

Of Natureworks Design’s approach, Marc Tuitt said:

Our expertise lies in the meticulous design and seamless management of architectural projects, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and delivering high-quality contemporary designs. Our collaborative approach extends to working closely with both homeowners and commercial clients, forging partnerships that transcend the ordinary.

We are dedicated to crafting spaces that go beyond mere structures, infusing each project with heart, warmth, and a profound connection to the natural world. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a guiding principle woven into the fabric of every design. From the initial concept to the final execution, we prioritise eco-friendly practices, ensuring that our architectural creations harmonise with the environment.

Our team is passionate about transforming spaces into living, breathing reflections of our clients’ visions. Whether it’s a cosy home that embraces you with warmth or a commercial space that seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, we bring a unique blend of creativity and practicality to every project. Sustainability isn’t a compromise but a cornerstone of our philosophy. 

The relationship between architecture and the natural world is something we take deep care and consideration over. Trees, birds, plants and flowers are just as much a part of our language as windows, doors, floors and beams.

Connection to the physical world

One of this architecture firm’s great residential projects, below, met the challenge of transforming a series of impractical, dark spaces into a beautiful, multifunctional ground floor area, seamlessly connected to the outdoors. The client’s vision was a space for dining, cooking, entertaining, and enjoying the garden simultaneously.

Natureworks Design achieved the client’s aims by designing a merger of the living room and kitchen, extending the ground floor space, while the interior design enhanced openness with heightened ceilings and ample natural light through expansive glazed doors and roof lights. The large timber doors establish a fluid relationship with the garden, while the connected patio extends the living space, providing an ideal setting for socialising and entertaining during the summer months.

What we like about this London architects practice

This architecture firm is experienced in master planning a portfolio of beautiful residential projects. The holistic approach to residential schemes is inspiring: Natureworks Design thinks about the environment and nature in tandem with working out the best solution for the client. Their careful consideration of the materials used and willingness to look beyond the conventional options is refreshing, along with their use of the latest developments and technology to solve problems.

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