Does your home need a new look? We investigate trending paint colours

From a simple freshen-up to a complete revamp, there’s a host of uplifting paint colours out there which will give your home a real boost.

Colour has a great impact on our senses and well-being, and having the right background in your home can create the welcoming atmosphere you’re looking for.

Our homes have increasingly become places where we want to feel secure and relaxed, and the current trend is for colours that bring the natural world inside, such as greens, earthy tones, and bold blues. In contrast, we are also seeing reds, pinks, and raspberry tones becoming popular, bringing warmth and a sense of drama into our houses.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest exciting paint colours to inspire you!

Uplifting colour palette

A survey of UK homeowners carried out by Magnet Kitchens revealed that post-Covid-19, people are more likely to experiment with colour and feel that it has a real influence on our well-being. While the grey tones that have been fashionable for a long time are still with us, they’re being used alongside more uplifting colours including pastels which are believed to create an atmosphere of calm and happiness. They can also create a sense of warmth and space.

Magnet has produced a Perfect Pastels collection of colours and Lizzie Beesley, head of design at Magnet said:

It’s no surprise to us that we’re all lusting for colour as homeowners steer away from grey, but we are amazed by the amount of people that connect colour with well-being. When people talk to me about pastels, they often speak of peacefulness and of creating calm in an increasingly chaotic world. They are a surprisingly versatile and transformative colour palette and have a wondrous way of turning drab grey spaces into something truly special.

Neutrals contrasted with bright colours

According to Ideal Home there are two main colour trends in 2023: either bold and bright, or neutral. Fashionable bold colours include greens, inky blues and sea blues that can create a calm, elegant look, while darker colours such as starry night blue, a dusk-like colour, and red and burn oranges, all give warmth and drama. One popular trend is colour blocking, using two contrasting blocks of colour on top of each other. Neutral colours inspired by nature are also fashionable, such as mushroom, dried grass and seafoam.

Ideal Home also notes a trend for painted ceilings, sometimes with strong bright colours. If ceilings are low or too high, painting them can adjust the feel of the room. To bring a ceiling height down, the paint can be continued from the ceiling down onto the walls to where a picture rail would sit, blurring the lines between wall and ceiling. Using a light colour on a low ceiling will help to increase a sense of space and airiness.

New shades

Farrow & Ball introduced 11 new paint shades to its colour card last autumn, the first change to its 132-strong signature palette since 2018. The colours range from a flame red to a delicate pink, and according to the company, are inspired by `moments of joy, comfort and refreshment.’

Joa Studholme, colour curator for Farrow & Ball said:

We all feel ready to be rejuvenated, enhance our homes and show off our personal style. Were excited by these 11 new shades, they range from easy-to-use lights to dramatic and atmospheric darks, all of which make our palette even more relevant to celebrating and sharing our homes.

Colours include Tailor Tack, a delicate pink; Templeton Pink, a deeper colour with a historical atmosphere; Bamboozle, a flame red; a pale green named Eddy, and a cool blue called Kittywake.

Be bold

Raspberry blush is the colour of the year for Benjamin Moore Paint, a rich coral tinged with pink, which gives an optimistic feel to a dining room or living room. It is part of their colour trends 2023 palette that includes Starry Night Blue, North Sea Green and Savannah Green.

Inspired by nature

Also going bright with their colour of the year is Pantone with Viva Magenta, a bold crimson with raspberry tones. According to Pantone executive director Leatrice Eiseman, the shade is inspired by the red of cochineal. She said:

Rooted in the primordial, Viva Magenta reconnects us to original matter. Invoking the forces of nature, Viva Magenta galvanises our spirit, helping us to build our inner strength.

Pantone’s other colours for 2023 include Pink Cosmos, which looks good on a feature wall as a backdrop to soft furnishings in pastel colours and greys. Their Airy Blue paint also contrasts well with grey furnishings while their Mocha Mousse shade, a milky chocolate brown, offers a warm, earthy, neutral comfort. Pantone’s Grayed Jade provides green hints of nature; it’s airy and relaxing and works well in a home office, providing a calm atmosphere. It works best when contrasted with creamy white walls and a simple theme such as black and white furniture and picture frames.

Earth tones

According to Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at Furniture And Choice, this year we are seeing the return of browns, reds and pinks on our walls.

Rebecca said that these tones work well with the trend for `biophilic design’ which brings the natural world into our homes, typically using calming greens, plants, natural light and natural materials. Brown gives a sense of calm and comfort in turbulent times, while green can be used as a neutral tone, associated with peace and relaxation.

 Rebecca added:

Brown can be used as a modern neutral to ground the room and let other colours stand out. On your walls, try light brown paint that’s similar to taupe for a cosiness that would work well in the bedroom or living room. Or use a warm brown with a tinge of golden orange so the overall effect isn’t too dark – style it with contemporary, light-coloured furniture for a fresh and chic look.

Wild Wonder above Old Time Olive by Dulux.

Nature has inspired the  Dulux colour of the year, Wild Wonder, a warm straw-like tone. There are four colour palettes designed to work well with Wild Wonder, called Raw, Flow, Buzz and Lush. Raw colours include mellow shades of brown reflecting raw materials; Flow colours are seashore blue tones; Buzz tones include flowery hues while the Lush palette features soft greens and browns from nature, reflecting earth tones.

Time to get creative

We hope we’ve shown you that there is plenty of inspiration out there and many exciting paint colour options available, so now could be the time to let your creative juices flow. Decide on your theme, whether it’s for lightness and a sense of space; to bring the tones of the natural world into your home, or perhaps you want to introduce a touch of drama with a vibrant colour. Whatever your motivation, have fun giving your home a fresh new look.

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