Top 10 interior design trends 2024

While our homes have always been places of sanctuary, we increasingly want them to be warm and comfortable, with a real sense of individuality.

According to home renovation and design platform Houzz, interior design trends 2024 are inspired by the natural world and include ideas such as unpainted wood and natural materials, along with a fresh slant on statement lighting.

Interior trends

Victoria Harrison, editor of said:

In an unsettled world, emerging trends indicate that many people are seeking stability and comfort from their homes in 2024. Richer colour palettes, softer shapes and an emphasis on natural materials are predicted to dominate interiors as homeowners look for spaces that exude warmth and reassurance. This increased interest in natural and sustainable finishes shows a growing awareness of how our homes impact our health, building on last year’s trend for nature-inspired design.

Finally, we are looking at our gardens in a completely new way, thanks to the demands of a changing climate, with trends such as rubble gardening and resilient planting starting to build momentum.

Source: Nicola O’Mara Interior Design. Image: Elliot White Photography.

1. Elevated kitchen islands

The kitchen island has become a mainstay of kitchen designs: they are installed by 38% of kitchen renovators according to the 2023 Houzz UK Kitchen Trends Survey. In a new twist, they are now being raised on legs: by allowing light underneath bulky items can appear lighter and slimmer. This tweak emphasises homeowners’ desire to put as much care into designing their kitchens as their living rooms and dining room.

Image: Boffe Design.

2. Vibrant colours

Rich autumnal shades are expected to be one of the key interior design trends next year. Tones of red are emerging into interior design colours especially in kitchens, while tones of ochre, terracotta and caramel are being introduced alongside the earthy tones of green that remain on trend. Such warm neutrals can create a sense of cosiness in any living space and work well with more vibrant colours.

Source: Simpson & Voyle. Image: Anna Stathaki Photography.

3. Brown-toned marble adds quiet luxury

In line with interior trends for a richer colour palette, marble worktops and surfaces are embracing more dramatic, warm-toned statement marbles, replacing cooler white and silver tones seen over the last few years. Brown and gold veined marble create visual interest and work well with richer colours, and it’s a design choice being seen in more kitchens and bathroom designs. The clean lines of marble effortlessly add a sense of understated luxury to any interior design.

Source: Steve Williams Landscapes.

4. Rebel gardening

Inspired by climate change and our increasing desire to be sustainable, we are changing our approach to outdoor space. Houzz predicts that over the coming years, more homeowners will ditch the idea of a regimented garden design and instead embrace a more naturalistic approach which works well for wildlife but also incorporates a sustainable focus, by using what is available. Instead of the conventional aim of creating a perfectly tidy space, rebel gardening offers possibilities of making gardens that are low-maintenance, and dynamic and allow many animals to thrive as well as pollinators. 

Brownfield or rubble gardening means turning brownfield sites and building waste into productive gardens: building waste is crushed which creates voids and spaces that offer habitat for invertebrates, which attract birds and can support a food chain. The material can be planted in to create drought-tolerant designs and natural, less formal planting schemes: it can support grasses, hardy shrubs and wildflowers that don’t need much water.  There are several ecological benefits: rubble gardening supports a range of wildlife, it is affordable, low maintenance and allows layers of habitat to thrive in the substrate.

Source: KERV Interiors. Image: Fiona Walker-Arnott Photography.

5. Different types of soft furnishings

Curved furniture, organic shapes and soft textures play an important role in creating the sense of comfort and quiet luxury we want in our living spaces. Interior design trends 2024 include sculptural furniture, soft fabrics such as boucle which add texture, along with sherpa and sheepskin designs in warm neutrals such as beige and caramel.

Source: MW Architects. Image: Taran Wilkhu Photography.

6. Interior design wall treatments

The renewed interest in traditional materials and crafts continues and paint companies have revived treatments such as lime washing. Lime-based paints create a timeless, relaxed finish and give walls a beautiful, suede-like texture and recent developments mean they’re more readily available in different shades. Limewash paints also have a reduced environmental impact as they are a primarily natural substance and don’t include any chemicals typically found in other paints. This also means it’s a great paint alternative for anyone in need of a more hypoallergenic option, as it’s much more resistant to mould and bacteria. The muted tones of limewash paint chime with the popularity of neutral living colours seen over the past few years and it’s an interior design trend that’s here to stay.

Source: Aflux Designs.

7. Stacked tiles add visual interest

The trend for stacking tiles vertically rather than horizontally began in 2023 and looks set to continue. Thinner tiles are used, placed in straight vertical lines rather than in a traditional staggered brick pattern which is aesthetically pleasing and creates a statement look in bathrooms and kitchens. Interior designers are using vibrant colours alongside cooler tones to create impact and interest.

Source: EJ Studio Ltd. Image: Pete Helme Photography.

8. Interior design embraces bare wood kitchens

While painted kitchen cabinets have long been popular, Houzz is seeing a big trend for unpainted wood cabinets that show the wood grain, bringing warmth and beauty into kitchens. The kitchen is often a home’s focal point, and this interior design trend helps create a sense of quiet luxury that has a timeless appeal. This is a very flexible look that works well with vibrant colours and natural stone floors.

Source: Designed by Martha Ashby for Coordonné.

9. Design trend for natural wallpaper

Nature is being brought indoors via large-scale wallpaper featuring dramatic nature-scapes, allowing homeowners to immerse themselves in the outdoor world via interior design. The popularity of this look has led to more design choices being introduced, from beautiful beaches to spectacular woods and mountains.

Source: Leili Design Studio. Image: John Sciarrino Photography.

10. Creative lighting for a warm glow

Lighting is becoming experimental and bold and when carried out successfully, it can create a feeling of well-being. Statement wall lights can become pieces of art, and bespoke lighting schemes that can be adapted throughout the day are one of the hottest trends for 2024. The right lighting can really provide the finishing touches to a home, so expect to see more exciting schemes taking centre stage over the coming year.

Final thoughts on interior design trends for the year ahead

Our homes and gardens are our refuges from the world and it’s no surprise that we want to make them welcoming and comfortable personal spaces. The remote work concept has also made us rethink our design choices in a big way as our homes need to accommodate office space.

Our desire to connect to the natural world seems to be growing, perhaps as a result of the climate change crisis, and this is being reflected in our home décor choices. It’s about warmth and comfort all the way, with a touch of added drama!

Do you agree with this forecast for interior design trends 2024, or have I missed some points? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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