What are the top bedroom wallpaper trends?

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, one of the most impactful ways to transform the space is by using wallpaper. Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years as homeowners have become bolder with their decorating choices and wallpaper design has become more exciting.

Different moods can be created by using wallpaper to fully cover walls, as a statement wall or to create a background for bookcases or in panelling. While it may be more expensive than paint, wallpaper will last for years as modern wallpapers are made with high-quality materials. And if you’re not too sure, removable wallpapers are growing in popularity and can easily be peeled away if you want to start again!

Whether you’re looking to create a cosy, romantic atmosphere or want to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom, there’s a vast range of bedroom wallpaper ideas out there. In this article, we’ll explore the top bedroom wallpaper trends that are sure to inspire your next bedroom makeover.

Here are 10 great bedroom wallpaper ideas:

1. Nature-inspired bedroom wallpaper

Nature-inspired wallpaper has been a constant favourite, and in 2023, it has taken the lead. With a growing desire to bring the outdoors in, homeowners are opting for biophilic wallpaper designs that feature lush forests, blooming flowers, or serene seascapes. These wallpapers feature in every bedroom wallpaper collection and create a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere in your bedroom, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

2. Geometric patterns

Geometric wallpaper is back in a big way, and it’s not just for the modernist. This trend allows you to add a sense of order and symmetry to your bedroom. You can choose from a wide range of geometric and retro patterns, from bold and colourful designs to more subtle, monochromatic options. Geometric bedroom wallpaper can introduce a contemporary and visually intriguing look.

3. Vintage floral bedroom wallpaper

Vintage never goes out of style, and vintage floral bedroom wallpaper is making a strong comeback. These wallpapers come in a vast range and feature in every bedroom wallpaper collection. If you want to create a romantic and timeless ambience in your bedroom, florals create the perfect backdrop.

4. Textured bedroom wallpaper

Texture is playing a significant role in interior design. Textured wallpaper adds depth and dimension to your bedroom walls. Whether it’s a raised pattern, a faux finish like brick or wood, or even a luxurious silk texture, this range of bedroom wallpaper can make your bedroom feel more inviting and tactile.

5. Metallic accents

Metallic accents are shining bright in the world of bedroom wallpaper design. Gold, silver, and copper metallic wallpapers are being used to create a sense of opulence and luxury, and can create an interesting feature wall. These wallpapers often feature intricate designs, adding a touch of glamour that’s a perfect backdrop to your bedroom.

6. Watercolour bedroom wallpaper

For those who prefer a softer and more artistic touch, watercolour wallpaper is a trend to watch out for. Watercolour wallpapers come in a variety of shades and patterns, and they can add a dreamy and ethereal quality to your bedroom. This type of wallpaper design is perfect for creating a soothing and calming environment.

7. Dark and moody wallpaper

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, consider a dark and moody bedroom wallpaper design. Deep, rich colours like navy blue, emerald green, and charcoal grey are being used to create cosy and intimate bedroom spaces. Paired with the right lighting and decor, a dark and moody wallpaper design can make your bedroom feel like a luxurious retreat.

8. Tropical paradise

Introduce a taste of the tropics with tropical bedroom wallpaper. Popular motifs include exotic palm leaves, vibrant flowers, and lush greenery. A tropical wallpaper design can instantly transport you to a paradise getaway and infuse your bedroom with a relaxed and laid-back vibe, whether on all four walls or just a feature wall.

9. Abstract art

For those with an artistic flair, abstract wallpaper designs are gaining popularity. These bedroom wallpapers often feature bold and vibrant colours, irregular shapes, and artistic patterns and can make a great focal point or a feature wall.

10. Custom wallpaper

Personalising wallpaper is a key trend. Many homeowners are opting for custom wallpaper designs that reflect their unique tastes and preferences. Custom wallpaper design allows you to turn your bedroom into a true reflection of your personality and style. Thanks to technology, you can even have a bespoke mural designed: these larger-scale wallcoverings can personalise your space and create a great feature wall. Mural wallpapers now feature in many firm’s bedroom wallpaper collection.

Now that we’ve highlighted some bedroom wallpaper ideas, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your wallpaper project:

Tips for choosing and installing bedroom wallpaper:

1. Consider the size of your bedroom

The size of your room can influence your choice of bedroom wallpaper. Lighter colours and larger patterns can make a small bedroom appear more spacious, while darker colours and bold patterns can make a large bedroom feel cosier.

2. Harmonize with your existing décor

Choose wallpaper that complements your existing bedroom décor, including your furniture, bedding, and accessories. This ensures a cohesive and visually pleasing look.

3. Test samples

Before committing to a wallpaper, order samples and test them in your bedroom. This will help you see how the wallpaper looks in different lighting conditions and how it complements your room.

4. Hire a professional

Installing wallpaper can be a challenging task, especially when intricate patterns or textured designs are involved. Hiring a professional wallpaper installer ensures a smooth and flawless finish.

5. Don’t overdo it

While wallpaper can be a stunning focal point, it’s essential not to overdo it. If you opt for a striking design, balance your wallpaper with painted walls or neutral tones to prevent overwhelming your bedroom.

In conclusion, there’s an exciting range of bedroom wallpaper ideas to choose from. Whether you prefer the natural serenity of nature-inspired wallpaper or the bold statement of dark and moody designs, there’s a wallpaper trend that will transform your bedroom into a haven of style and comfort.

Remember to take your time in selecting the perfect wallpaper that reflects your personal style and enhances your bedroom’s atmosphere. With the right choice and fitting, you’ll be enjoying your newly adorned bedroom for years to come. Happy decorating!

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